Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Payton!!!

Happy 5th Birthday Payton!!!
Weight: 40lbs
Height: 40"
Loves to play T-ball, fish, and ride his bike!
Favorite Food: Chicken nuggets and Fries.
Favorite color: Blue

Friday, May 21, 2010

T-Ball! Go Red Team!!!

Payton's T-Ball games have started! He is on the Red Team! It's so fun to watch all the little kids play. Payton has some how decided he is a little bit cocky, and walks up to bat with a little swagger and tells his team mates to "Watch and Learn". Oh boys are so fun! I honestly think it's all from his new favorite movie called "Sandlot". Not sure if its the best kid movie but he sure does like it.

He still really likes to slide and peel-out to make dust, but not as much as he did last year. He likes to slide on the base to try to be cool.

This is Payton and his friend Easton playing in the dirt. They got a little bored out on 3rd base and they discovered that their mitts make great shovels. They played in the dirt for a while until the ball would come and ALL the kids in the field would chase the ball each time. It was so funny.

I am not sure if it's cause of the movie or what but Payton would rather run the ball into Haidyn than throw it. He would run to get it every time, and the run it to whoever was on 1st base. He really is good at throwing but I guess that's his new thing.

The boys were so excited to play and they are so funny together that were goofing around and it almost looked like they were doing a victory dance in the 1st inning. Payton is on a team that mostly has girls, but he really likes his team.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Payton, Johnny and Shaynee with the Easter Presents my mom got them. The sucker is a cookie. Payton loved it!

We went to my mom's on Fri and colored eggs with my Niece Shaynee, and my Nephew Johnny. They each colored 12 eggs!
Payton and Shaynee with the eggs they found at my moms. They had so much fun, even though it was a little cold.
Payton coloring the eggs. He liked to mix the colors. He was really impatient waiting for them to get colored.
The boys all coloring eggs.
Payton with all the eggs. We actually got more colors this year than just green and blue. Payton only likes the green and blue eggs.
Payton with his present from the Easter Bunny. He was way excited about the construction moon sand. That was his favorite.
Payton finding Easter eggs. He took off his cute yellow hat for this camo one. He loves to wear it.
Payton with his present from Jeff, Brenda and Landon. The aqua sand stays at their house.
Payton hitting the eggs. We colored 66 eggs. He liked to hit them. We made such a mess that Tyler's truck was covered in eggs and shells!Smashing the eggs! We don't really eat much just have fun smashing them and making a mess.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Christmas Eve we go to Jeff and Brenda's to have dinner and open presents. Every year Payton get's a new pair of jammies.

Payton has really started to like Mater from cars. He got a Mater the Greater race track from Jeff and Brenda. He was overly excited to open all his presents.
The Digger Landon got Payton, it moves and is very noisy. Notice he couldn't even take a picture without making it make a sound.
Setting up the Mater the Greater track. I am usually the only one who will grab the instructions and actually read themPayton and his Shake N' Go track Tyler and I got him. It was a surprise to Tyler cause it has over 20 feet of track.

This is the Rescue Squad Mater he kept asking Santa for. I am glad he got it. He was so excited to get it, he opened it and said "It's Perfect."
The 3 in1 Smart Sport. He kept on moving his face behind his presents. Payton also got his very own camera that is drop and water proof. I hope this will help my camera last a little bit longer.
Thomas Family Christmas Day at Grandma Karen's. We got there every year for breakfast and a get together.Tyler has 2 cousins that are twins, Payton hasn't ever really seen them side by side or payed attention. Well on Christmas Day he was talking and stop in the middle of his sentence and said " Wait a second.... you two have matching faces." It was the funniest thing ever. Then he finished his conversation. Payton got a ton of tractors from my mom on Christmas. I was glad that she bought a case to put them in.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tyler's Birthday

Payton was more excited for Tyler's Birthday then he was. Payton wanted
Tyler to hurry and open his present. I am very big into birthdays. I made
tacos and Angel food cake. His Favorites.
We got Tyler a Mr. Buddy Heater for him to use Ice Fishing.
Jeff, Brenda and Landon got Tyler a 4 man Ice Cube Ice fishing tent.
If you can't tell Tyler likes to go Ice Fishing.Payton wanted to unwrap all the presents but I told him it wasn't Christmas and
mad so I let him open his ornament.
Payton and his ornament for 2009. It's an Elk horn with a
Elk on top bugling.

1st Snow!!!

Our 1st snow of the year was on Tyler's Birthday. Payton and Tia
had a lot of fun playing in it while I shoveled the driveway.